Episodes Edit

  1. Angelina's New Home
  2. Angelina's New School
  3. Angelina's New Ballet Teacher
  4. Angelina's Dance Partner
  5. Angelina's Gift for Ms. Mimi
  6. Angelina's Oldest Friend
  7. Angelina and the Hip Hop Kid
  8. Angelina and the Broken Fiddle
  9. Angelina and Alice's Big Night
  10. Angelina and the Giant
  11. Angelina's Musical Day
  12. Angelina's Crazy Solo
  13. Angelina and the Irish Jig
  14. Angelina En Pointe
  15. Angelina's Rock Band
  16. Angelina's Lost Ice Skates
  17. Angelina and the New Music Store
  18. Angelina and Ms. Mimi
  19. Angelina and Super Polly
  20. Angelina's Dance Like a Cake Day
  21. Angelina's Sleepover
  22. Angelina's Noisy, Messy Lunchtime
  23. Angelina's Holiday Treats
  24. Angelina and the Front Row Ticket
  25. Angelina Keeps the Peace
  26. Angelina and Alice Mousikova
  27. Angelina and Gracie's Creative Day
  28. Angelina's Big Part
  29. Angelina and the Tummy Butterflies
  30. Angelina and the Magician
  31. Angelina Cheerleader
  32. Angelina's Ballet School
  33. Angelina and the Roquefort's Rhythmic Ghost
  34. Angelina's Lunch Table
  35. Angelina and the Big News
  36. Angelina's Secret Valentine
  37. Angelina and the Front Page
  38. Angelina's Cheese Roll
  39. Angelina and the Musical Plant
  40. Angelina's Hip Hop Boys Show
  41. Angelina and the Cheddar Cheese Slide
  42. Angelina and the Case of the Missing Music
  43. Angelina, the Pet Sitter
  44. Angelina and the Music Box
  45. Angelina and the Dance-A-Thon
  46. Angelina and the Art Show
  47. Angelina's Hiccups
  48. Angelina and the Must-Have Ballet Bag
  49. Angelina's Room
  50. Angelina's Camembert Parade
  51. Angelina and the Band Leader
  52. Angelina and Polly's Two-Hour Show
  53. Angelina and the Marcel Mouseau Mime Challenge
  54. Angelina and the Dance Craze
  55. Angelina and the Mouselinghood of the Dancing Shoes
  56. Angelina and Her Parent's Dance Lesson
  57. Angelina and the New Jeans
  58. Angelina and the Poster
  59. Angelina's Nature Dance
  60. Angelina's Spring Fling

Songs Edit

  1. "Best Toe Forward"
  2. "Friendship is Forever"
  3. "A Song For Ms. Mimi (We Love You)"
  4. "My Friend Alice"
  5. "Fiddle Around"
  6. "I'm Your Friend, Too"
  7. "Giant Song"
  8. "I Will Be a Star"
  9. "The Rock Band Song" (featuring clips from the Hyper Girls' 1986 hit music video "Livin' on a Prayer")
  10. "Front Row Seats (Home of Ballet)"
  11. "A Step at a Time"
  12. "And That Makes You My Friend"
  13. "As the Music Plays"
  14. "Changes"
  15. "Cheese!"
  16. "I Should Have Listened To My Friends"
  17. "I Just Want to Be Me"
  18. "The Best For You"
  19. "One, Two, Three, Four, Five"
  20. "Let's Make Valentines"
  21. "It Takes a Lot of Dancers"
  22. "Super Polly (Everyone is Good at Something)"
  23. "Win the Prize"
  24. "It's Spring"
  25. "There is Not Enough Space"
  26. "I'll Miss Out on the Fun of Doing My Part"
  27. "If I Listen to My Heart"
  28. "Solve a Mystery"
  29. "Disco Crazy"
  30. "Angelina's Slumber Party (Dancing in the Moonlight)"
  31. "Dancing Butterfly"
  32. "The Mouseling Twirl"
  33. "Using Our Imaginations (We Can Be Anything)"
  34. "I Love My Sister So"
  35. "Our Favorite Time of Year Is Spring"
  36. "Camembert Is Where I Love to Be"
  37. "We're Best Friends"
  38. "Swing Thing"
  39. "Teamwork"
  40. "Holiday Treats (Holiday Time)"